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The best bargain on Salt Spring... Concert FREE at 12:10
   ...Followed by a delicious Lunch for $5.50 by the Anglican Caterers

Donations to Music Makers to help pay the artists’ honoraria are greatly appreciated.

Music and Munch has been a great success on Salt Spring Island. It provides an eclectic selection of musical forms to please all tastes. Held at All Saints' Church by the Sea at 110 Park Drive in Ganges, the performance is free to all and is sometimes full to capacity. These free performances take place at 12:10 pm on Wednesdays throughout the summer usually starting about the beginning of June. The performances are followed by a light & delicious lunch for $5.50 provided by the Anglican Caterers.

Patrons should note that Music and Munch continues throughout the fall, winter and spring at the usual time of 12:10 pm on the first Wednesday of each month. Simply Organic is a separate series taking place at 10:10 am on non Music and Munch Wednesdays, with no signs of the audience decreasing as of the end of January 2004. It should continue until some time in May.

Music and Munch Programmes

  2005 Aug 31 Paula Kiffner Cello
    Aug 24 Rosemary Delisle Soprano / Chris Kodaly Piano
    Aug 17 Concordiae Youth Choir
    Aug 10 Graeme Wilkinson Classical piano
    Aug 3 YJP Young Jazz Players
  2004 Dec 1 Debbi Toole Soprano with Barry Valentine on the organ
    June 19 Don Fisher & Jane Elder-Davis in an evening Concert
    June 9 Thomas Evdokimoff - Classical Guitar
Christine Yeung - Flute
    May 5 Young Jazz Players - YJP perform for their fifth consecutive year at Music and Munch.
    April 7 Via Dolorosa - choral anthems of the Lenten season.
    February 4 Flute and Voice - students of Deb Tool

  2003 December 17 Christmas Programme - This special performance will feature the "Simply Organic" choir singing Christmas carols, along with audience participation
    December 3 Cantus - Medieval and Renaissance music
Ingid Bauer, Wendy Kaye, Sandra Wright, Carol Young
Altos: Judy Carney, Noni Fogarty, Janet Hoag, Bly Kaye
Tenor:  Jonathan Yardley
Basses: Richard Hayden, Jake Watt
    Nov 5 Offspring Choir accompanied by Barry Valentine
    October 1 Debbie Toole - Soprano
Accompanied by Paul Verville on piano
    Sept 10 - May 2004 "Simply Organic" with Barry Valentine
returns to Music and Munch at 10:10 am
on "non-Music & Munch" Wednesdays.
    September 3 Alvaro Sanchez
Spanish guitar, with music from Argentina, Brazil and Cuba.


August 27 Our Anglican Parish Youth & Band
Led by Lloyd English
    August 20 Mary Rogers - Organist and Pianist
With Victoria’s Christchurch Cathedral Family Choir
    August 12-13 In a Sunny Salt Spring Garden
Songs, music and dance as part of a festival of flowers.
Organist Barry Valentine and cellist Ellen Himmer; singers Anke Smeele, Alan Robertson, Gale Hingston and Lottie Devindisch


August 6 The Salt Spring Brass Quintet Unlike past years, the Brass Quintet now actually has 5 members, up from the previous four!
Trumpets - Dawn Hage and Murray Hunter
French Horn - Richard Moses
Baritone Horn - Gary Dunn
Tuba - Charles Buchwald


July 30 World Jazz Duo
Saxophones - Mike Wall
Guitars - Paul Mowbray
    July 23 Louise Eldridge - Piano


July 16 Nina Holldorf - Soprano
Kim Elsser - Piano
    July 9 Don Fisher - Tenor
Barry Valentine - Organ
    July 2 Janette Grey - Soprano
Chris Kodaly - Piano


June 25 Vocal Quartet:
Soprano Connie Holmes; Alto Anke Smeele;
Tenor Richard Hayden; Bass Alan Robertson;
accompanied by Beth Ranney
    June 18 Tom Evdokimoff - Classical Guitar
    June 11 Women of Note - Salt Spring Island’s own women’s choir

June   4 Young Jazz Players perform for their fourth consecutive year


April - June 2003 Simply Organic! Performance on the pipe organ by Barry Valentine April 16 until the beginning of June (except May 7)
    May 7 2003 Piano performance by Michael Powell - cancelled
  March 5 2003 Pianist Jacqueline Perriam and saxophone player Erik Abbink

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