Salt Spring Island BC - largest of the Southern Gulf Islands on Canada's west coast.
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Salt Spring Air now offers 3 direct flights a day between Salt Spring Island and downtown Vancouver and the Vancouver Airport, and provides a scheduled service out of Maple Bay and the other Gulf Islands. SaltSpring Air is locally owned and operated.
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Music and Munch

April 7 2004 Programme

Music Makers at Music and Munch
Music and Munch takes place at All Saints Church by-the-Sea, 110 Park Drive in Ganges. Patrons should note that Music and Munch continues with Simply Organic throughout the fall, winter and spring months from September 10 2003 to May 2004 at 10:10 am on most Wednesdays, but at the usual time of 12:10 pm on the first Wednesday each month.

The best bargain on Salt Spring Island… Concert FREE at 12:10
   …Followed by Light Lunch for $5.50 by the Anglican Caterers

Via Dolorosa

Lovers of choral music will be delighted by the upcoming Music and Munch performance on April 7th.

Enhanced by the astonishingly beautiful acoustics of All Saints' church, home of Music and Munch since 1996, recitals are, as a rule, of a secular nature. This year however, the event serendipitously falls on the Wednesday of Holy week, providing the opportunity to present some of the lovely choral anthems of the Lenten season.

In December, Music Makers - producers of the organ recital series "Simply Organic" and of Music and Munch - brought together an ad hoc choir, to sing a concert of carols for Christmastide. Led by organist Barry Valentine, the occasion was a great success and very much enjoyed by both choristers and audience members. When Music Makers invited Barry and the choir to provide the music for the next Music and Munch, they were delighted to find the same group eager to make music together again. The choir, composed mostly of some members of Salt Spring Singers, the All Saints' and the United Church Choir, also includes soloists Janette Grey, Connie Holmes and Anke Smeele.

Although more challenging in its concept and execution than the Christmas concert, this occasion promises to provide a similar very moving experience both musically and spiritually. The programme entitled 'Via Dolorosa', will take us on the sorrowful road of Passiontide, through hymns and anthems ranging from the 15th to the 20th century.

For those not necessarily interested in the Christian expression of its belief, the music nevertheless provides symbols of darkness and light, sorrow and hope, which are all fundamental to the human experience.

Free music begins at l2.l0pm at All Saints' church, followed by an optional lunch for $5.50.


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