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Music and Munch

June 11 2003 Programme

Music Makers at Music and Munch
Music and Munch takes place at All Saints Church by-the-Sea, 110 Park Drive in Ganges, on Wednesdays at 1210 pm. throughout the summer. During the fall and winter season, there is just one performance on the first Wednesday of each month.

The best bargain on Salt Spring Island… Concert FREE at 12:10
   …Followed by Light Lunch for $5.50 by the Anglican Caterers

June 11 2003

Women of Note


Good Friend by Jan Harmon

A Woman's Life in Song from Cradle to Crone

Brahms' Lullaby (Guten abend, gut' nacht)
Somewhere a child by Peter Dykema -
The Maid on the ShoreTraditional
Log Drivers' Waltzby Wade Hemsworth
Amor que me Cautivasanon. pavane
St. Catherine Musicby Martin Shaw
Old Dorset Children's Rhymes 
Women Friendsby Linda Quinn
Wanderlustby Connie Caldor
Set Her Freeby Ruth Huber
Set Me as a Seal by René Clausen
Goodnight to YouTraditional?


Women of Note is a small informal choral group which has been actively involved in singing at various community events for the past ten years. With a wide range of ages, musical interests and backgrounds in the group, each woman brings her own unique contribution, and the repertoire changes like the seasons and the tides.

This year the group has chosen to do fewer public performances in order to concentrate on new and challenging four part a cappella material. Their commitment to performing at International Women's Day and peace and environmental events remains strong.

After a processional opening song, Good Friend, the concert entitled A Woman's Life in Song from Cradle to Crone, will begin with Guten Abend Gut' Nacht, the familiar lullaby by Brahms.

From the cradle we proceed to the carefree childhood days with a medley of nursery rhymes and skipping songs, followed by the teen years and the joys and heartaches of young love. The Maid on the Shore and Amor Que Me Cautivas are among the selections. J. David Moore's four part boogie woogie arrangement of Connie Kaldor's Wanderlust is a song about a working woman and her frustrations.

The importance of friendship, strength and support which women give each other is echoed in Set Her Free by Ruth Huber and Women Friends by Linda Quinn and the deep, timeless love between two people as they age together finds tender expression in Rene Clausen's Set Me as a Seal. The programme ends as it began with a lullaby

A delicious lunch will be available after the performance for $5.50 courtesy of The Anglican Caterers.


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