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Salt Spring Island BC - largest of the Southern Gulf Islands on Canada's west coast.
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Salt Spring Island Online

This new website is doing a really good job of listing upcoming events on Salt Spring Island. Whether you are visiting or live on Salt Spring Island, www.saltspringislandonline.ca is a "must visit" site to view upcoming events and performances. Already, there are listings for agricultural events, upcoming films, the literary arts, musical performances. the visual arts, family and sporting events, and other many more. Search by genre, or just click on the calendar to see what's happening when you come to visit.

Bus Service on Salt Spring Island

A public bus service commenced operation on Salt Spring Island on January 8 2008.


Mt. Erskine

Mt. Erskine with an elevation of 448 metres, contains arbutus and coastal Douglas fir forest (which B.C.'s Conservation Data Centre classifies as an "ecosystem at risk") and offers spectacular views, as well as providing the largest habitat for the beautiful hairy manzanita on Salt Spring Island, after which Manzanita Ridge is named. A growing number of people hike the trails to the top of Mt. Erskine to see the unique views offered from the top. Most people are unaware that the summit is actually on private property, but the Salt Spring Island Conservancy is coordinating a fundraising effort to buy 100 acres on the top of Mt. Erskine. Although this is a major undertaking, much of the required funds ($650,000) have already been pledged. Combined with the adjacent, already-protected properties, it will provide permanent protection to a large contiguous undeveloped area of up to 240 hectares (600 acres). Visit the Salt Spring Island Conservancy or www.mounterskine.org for more information.

Music and Munch

Held at All Saints Church by the Sea at 110 Park Drive in Ganges, these free musical performances have been nearly full to capacity on a few occasions. The free performances take place on Wednesdays throughout the summer at 1210 pm with a light (& delicious!) lunch provided by the Anglican Caterers following for $5.50.


High Speed Internet finally arrived on Salt Spring Island in 2003. At first service was only available only in Ganges and along Fulford-Ganges Road nearly as far as Slegg Lumber and just down the hill from there on Beddis road. ADSL became available in Fulford Harbour in 2004. That same year, Telus successfully tested new "long loop" DSL technology up to 8-9 km from the central office in Surrey, BC. In late 2004, Telus began stringing fibre optic cable around much of Salt Spring Island. ADSL service was available in the Cusheon Lake area about the end of April 2005. Like many companies, they place a fair bit of importance in the "apparent demand" for ADSL in deciding what new areas will qualify for the needed upgrades, so if ADSL isn't available where you live, be sure to email Telus at adsl_access@telus.net or call 310-4638 to let them know that there is a demand for it here!

Fall Fair

The Fall Fair will take place on September 18 and 19, 2021 at the Island Farmers' Institute Grounds on 351 Rainbow Road, Salt Spring Island. This will be the 125th Anniversary of the first Fall Fair on Salt Spring Island which was held in 1896. We may have to modify or even adapt according to health regulations later on, but we are optimistic. We just hope that we are not shut down at the last minute!

Canada Day

July 1 is Canada Day. Join the Chamber of Commerce and Royal Canadian Legion as they host this event at Centennial Park just before noon.

Robert Bateman receives Order of British Columbia

June 2001: Robert Bateman, a well known wildlife artist and environmental activist. has received the Order of British Columbia. This is the highest honour that can be bestowed by the Province. Mr. Bateman is one of the world's foremost wildlife artists. He has been painting full time since 1976. He also holds the Order of Canada and 9 honorary doctorates from Canadian and American universities.

Gary Oaks Deal Successful

On June 21 2000, it was announced that the $3.5 million purchase of 250 hectares of threatened Gary Oak woodland had been purchased from Texada Land Corporation. This removes the threat of logging or other development that was in the works for this sensitive ecosystem. Texada Lands purchased large tracts of land on Salt Spring a several years ago and now has a full scale clearcut logging operation on some parts of the Island. The Gary Oak woodland is on the north shore of Burgoyne Bay and stretches far up the hillside on Maxwell below Mount Maxwell Provincial Park. The Forest Renewal BC bought the land through funding from their private forest biodiversity program.

Over $1.1 million was raised by the Salt Spring Appeal through the sale of the now famous calendar. The province of BC has committed $20 million to acquire land in the Gulf Islands – including Salt Spring Island – for the purchase of park land. The struggle to raise funds was helped by many residents of Salt Spring Island including well known names such as Arthur Black, Elizabeth White, Robert Bateman and Andrea Collins. MLA Murray Coell and Kip Woodward can also be thanked.

Negotiations are underway to purchase land around Maxwell Lake before it is logged. This area on the shoulder of Mount Maxwell (actually Baines Peak) supplies drinking water to Ganges and the surrounding area. Texada Lands will sell it, but there is a substantial difference in the asking price between the land intact with the trees and with them "harvested." With the trees cut down, the quality of the water from Maxwell Lake will be seriously degraded for years to come.
garry oaks

Foxglove Farm & Garden Supplies

The Foxglove Farm & Garden Supplies is located at at 104 Atkins Road in Ganges.

Call 250-537-5531 or email

Saturday Market

The Saturday Market runs from early in April until the end of October. Growers of produce, artists and artisans, and other home businesses show and sell their wares at the Farmer's Market on Saturdays from about 9:00 to 4:00. This event happens every Saturday through the summer months - rain or shine. Check out the Saturday Market web site. There is also a Tuesday Market that starts at the beginning of June.

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