Salt Spring Island, BC - Business Listings

Salt Spring Island BC - largest of the Southern Gulf Islands on Canada's west coast.
Information about Salt Spring Island, BC including accommodation and business listings

Business Listings…

This is a partial list of Salt Spring Island businesses. If your business or
club isn't listed here, or if you spot an error, please contact us by email.


SkyTech Photo

aerial photography done right… on Salt Spring Island
Fully certified and insured aerial photography business.

  • Aerial Photo & Videography
  • Aerial Inspections
  • Construction Projects
  • Real Estate Photography
  • Property insurance claims
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Private Events
Dial 911 for Emergency: Police, Fire/Rescue, Ambulance and Search and Rescue (land only)
Rescue Coordination Centre 800-567-5111 RCC Victoria - marine or air emergencies
The following are non-emergency numbers.
RCMP 250-537-5555 RCMP Ganges - near Lady Minto Hospital
Fire Department 250-537-2531 Salt Spring Island Fire Rescue - Ganges
Search and Rescue 250-537-5555 SAR on land is coordinated by the RCMP
Salt Spring SAR
NEED Crisis & Information Line 866-386-6323 CRISIS LINE - emotional support, crisis intervention & community info 24/7
Emergency Management BC 800-663-3456 EMBC (previously known as Provincial Emergency Program)
  250-537-1220 Salt Spring Island EOC
Coast Guard 250-537-5813 Ganges  (emergency calls should go to RCC above)
Ambulance 250-537-9711 Ganges (emergency calls should go to 911)
Lady Minto Hospital 250-538-4800 135 Crofton Road, Ganges, BC V8K 1T1
Poison Control Centre 800-567-8911 BC Drug & Poison Information Centre
Doctors on Salt Spring Island BC Doctors Directory (not all are listed)
Dentist - Dr. Lorraine Machell 250-537-5222 The Creekhouse at the bottom of Ganges Hill
Dentist - Dr. Richard Hayden 250-537-1400 199 Salt Spring Way, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2G2


Or pager… 250-537-8166
Capital Regional District (CRD) 800-663-4425 General Information
  250-537-9414 Animal Control Officer
Gulf Islands Veterinary Clinic... 250-537-5334 540 Lower Ganges Road, Ganges - Can be called after hours for emergencies
SPCA Tel 250-537-2123 Box 522, Ganges BC V8K 2W2
  Fax 250-537-4761  
The area codes for Salt Spring Island phone numbers are 250, 778, 236 and 672.
There are two prefixes for the north end of the island: 537 and 538.
The 653 prefix is used on the south end of the island.

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Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce operates the tourist information booth on Salt Spring Island.
Visitor information phone:
121 Lower Ganges Road
Salt Spring Island, B.C.
V8K 2T1

Salt Spring Dollars is a community currency system, established in 2001. The bills and coins are often treated as collector's items, but are also accepted by many merchants across Salt Spring Island.


Province of British Columbia
Government Agent - Ganges 250-537-5414

Electrical Inspector 250-746-1324 Duncan
Provincial Court Judge 250-537-5481 Ganges
Capital Regional District 800-663-4425 Bylaws, Building Inspection, Health, etc.
Building Inspector 250-537-2711 Ganges
Islands Trust Formed in 1974 to "preserve and protect" the Gulf Islands
Government of Canada
Government Dock in Ganges - see Marinas below    
Canada Post General Information 800-267-1177
Find A Postal Code (English) - find a postal code
Ganges Post Office (behind CIBC / BOM / Mouats) 250-537-2321 General Delivery, Ganges, BC V8K 2P1
Fulford Harbour Post Office (opposite Patterson's Store) 250-653-4313 General Delivery, Fulford Harbour, BC V8K 1B0

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Bus Service on Salt Spring Island 250-537-4400 Bus service commenced on Salt Spring Island on January 7 2008.
BC Ferries 888-223-3779 Southern Gulf Islands Schedules
Ganges Faerie Mini Shuttle - call for reservations 250-538-9007 or… Ferry Shuttle Bus - luxury van!
250-537-6758 (cell) 7 am to 8 pm, 6 days a week
Gulf Islands Water Taxi - Jack Hughes 250-537-2510
Harbour Air Seaplanes 800-665-0212
Kenmore Air 800-543-9595
Salt Spring Air 250-537-9880
     ...scheduled service as well as scenic tours of Salt Spring Island
Salt Spring Marine Car and Truck Rental 250-537-5464 290 Park Drive, Ganges

or cell

Seair Seaplanes 800-447-3247
Silver Shadow Taxi Ltd. 250-537-3030
Vancouver Launch Services 604-250-6666 36 foot high speed catamaran water taxi
Washington State Ferries 206-464-6400
(in WA only 888-808-7977)

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Government Wharf - Ganges (Tel & Fax)
   (Salt Spring Harbour Authority)
Salt Spring Marina Ltd. 250-537-5810  
Ganges Marina 250-537-5242
   Fax 250-538-1719
161 Lower Ganges Road
Ganges, BC  V8K 2L6
Fulford Harbour marina 250-653-4467 CLOSED
Salt Spring Island Sailing Club 250-537-5112
152 Douglas Road just up the hill from Ganges


Angel Cottage B&B - near Southey Point / Fernwood 250-537-8350
Cusheon Lake Resort - lakeside cabins, boating, swimming, fishing 250-537-9629
The Beach House - right on the water near Fulford Harbour 1-888-653-6334
See the accommodations page for other listings..

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Churches & Religions
Anglican Parish of Salt Spring Island - Sunday and Mid-Week Worship 250-537-2171

All Saints' by-the-sea (since 1994) 110 Park Drive, Ganges
historic St. Mark's (since 1894) at Central
historic St. Mary's (since 1892) at Fulford Harbour


Baha'i Faith Box 772, Ganges, BC V8K 2W3 250-537-5188 or 250-537-5071
Bethel Pentecostal Assembly
Sunday worship at 10:30 am - 215 Baker Road, V8K 2N6
Buddhist - Kunzang Dechen Osel Ling, Reserve for Buddhist Meditation Retreat 250-380-8610  
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 221 Vesuvius Bay Rd. 250-537-9562  
  Branch President 250-537-9523  
  Family History Centre 250-537-9573  
  Building Coordinator 250-537-1983  
Community Gospel Chapel 147 Vesuvius Bay Rd. V8K 1K3 250-537-2622  
Continuous Light Sanctuary 250-537-2154  
Eckanar Canada 250-653-4034  
Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall     276 Fulford-Ganges Rd., Ganges 250-537-9126 or 250-537-4388
Jewish Community of Salt Spring Island 250-537-9105 or 250-653-0073
Roman Catholic 250-537-2150  

Our Lady of Grace Church, 135 Drake Rd. V8K 2K8
St. Paul's - Fulford Harbour

Salt Spring Island Baptist Church
520 Lower Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island, BC     V8K 2P6
Unitarian Fellowship of Salt Spring Island     OAP wing of Fulford Hall 250-537-8781 or 250-537-9650
United Church of Canada     Ganges & Burgoyne United Church, Fulford Valley    

Church Office 111 Hereford Ave. Ganges Tues-Fri 9am-12 noon


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Clubs, Groups, Associations & Societies
Canadian Red Cross 250-537-4075  
Core Inn Youth Project Society
  A facility for youth oriented activities. Also
  wellness clinic and Corinternet Cafe.
250-537-9932 134 McPhillips Ave.
Fulford Business Association 250-653-4321
Island Farmers Institute - Home of the Fall Fair Sept. 15-16, 2012
2012 marks the 117th time the Fall Fair has been held since it was started in 1896.
250-537-4755 PO Box 661, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2W3
Fall Fair - Usually the second weekend after Labour Day 250-537-4535 351 Rainbow Road at the Farmers' Institute
Contact Tony Threlfall to rent commercial space
Gulf Islands Community Arts Council
  Artcraft, a show & sale of local  hand
  crafted items is held each summer at
  Mahon Hall.
250-537-0899 114 Rainbow Road
Island Natural Growers
  Dedicated to growing animals or plants
  according to natural organic principles
250-537-5511 1306 Beddis Road
Island Paddlers 250-537-1116 A group of canoeists and kayakers that
organizes day & overnight trips
Lions Club 250-537-2000 103 Bonnet Ave.
Salt Spring Island Sailing Club 250-537-5112
Island Pathways 250-653-2311 Box 684, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2W3
  Dedicated to establishing & maintaining roadside and off-road pathways and trails for cyclists, hikers, equestrians, in-line skaters, joggers and the physically challenged. Organized bike & hike tours.

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News Papers
Gulf Islands Driftwood 250-537-9933 328 Lower Ganges Rd.
Barnacle - was bought out by the Driftwood. RIP Printed the last issue March 22 2002
The Fishbowl Magazine   A free local arts and entertainment magazine...
everything except the news!

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The Arts - Artists, Galleries, Jewellery Making, and the Performing Arts
Salt Spring Chamber Choir   Mission Statement: Uncompromising mission to perform classical music with care and excellence. The next performances will be on Oct 13 at 7 pm  and Oct 14 at 2 pm, 2012.
Stagecoach Theatre School 250-537-9709
  Acting classes for young people from eleven to fifteen years of age. School for the performing arts, teaching acting, singing and other on-stage and off-stage techniques such as set design, lighting and costume making. Great for personal development of self-confidence, social skills and creativity.
Artspring – performing and visual arts centre 250-537-2102 100 Jackson Avenue, Ganges
Festival of the Arts Society 250-537-4167  
Gulf Islands Community Arts Council operates ArtCraft each summer featuring local handcrafted items. 250-537-1678 114 Rainbow Road, V8K 2V5
Alex Lyons Designs - Handmade Jewelry 250-537-5304 Bold, beautifully designed handmade jewelry in copper, silver and gold. Originally from Montreal, Alex Lyons lives and works on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, showing his jewelry at the Saturday Market in Ganges.
Art Craft - Annual summer long exhibition and sale of wares made by artisans and artists of Salt Spring Island. May 16 to Sept 14 2003 250-537-0899
At Mahon Hall right in Ganges at the corner
of Rainbow Rd. and Lower Ganges Road.
Robert Bateman   Mr. Bateman is a well known Salt Spring Island artist and conservationist.
Carol Evans 250-653-4479
Ewart Gallery of Fine Art 250-537-2313
Galleons Lap Photography 250-538-0182
103 Park Drive, Ganges BC
The objective of the Gallery is to promote the work of photographic artists, both contemporary and historic, to encourage emerging photographic artists, and to be a forum for photographic education. Check website for classes and workshops on photography.
Green Goddess Productions 250-537-0051
Greeting cards on "tree-free" paper
Island Gourmet Safaris 250-537-4118 Salt Spring Island: its food, food history and Art. A great introduction tour to the island. Island Gourmet Safaris focuses on food, art and studios on the island. As an historic farming community, the farms and food producers are phenomenal. These are the elements that make up the basis of a gourmet Safari.
Susan Haigh "I love the pure rich colours of nature, the unstoppable push for life, the eternal optimism of even the smallest and most frail of flowers. I aim to share the wonder I feel in the presence of their intense colours and inventive forms."
Bly Kaye   Bly Kaye is a collage artist on Salt Spring Island
Garry Kaye   Garry Kaye is a Salt Spring Island landscape artist
Andrea Leake   Andrea's Inner Vision Cards - hand drawn by Andrea Leake
Jill Louise Campbell Art Gallery 250-537-1589 or
Harris House Fine Art 902-532-7877
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
Professionally mounted, double matted and beautifully framed original prints. Krista Jane May, previously of Salt Spring Island, operates Harris House Fine Art. Among other artists, it features work by Hichael Hames.
Martinus Studio-Gallery 250-538-1730
145 Seaview Avenue,
Ganges BC V8K 2V8
Martinus Ebbers is a master goldsmith. As well as creating unique jewelry, he offers jewelry making classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced students.
Nicola and Asha Wheston - Studio Gallery 250-537-4922
Pegasus Gallery of Canadian Art 250-537-2421
Salt Spring Arts Academy 250-537-4294 Dance and Voice Lessons, Workshops
Salt Spring Gems & Art 250-537-4222
Stone Walrus Gallery 250-537-9896
Stoneridge Pottery, Gallery & Studio 250-537-9252
Steffich Fine Art 250-537-8448
Located in Grace Point Square

Including works by Michael Hames

Tufted Puffin Gallery 250-537-9939
Verna's Art Studio 250-537-2661
Warren Langley Signs 250-537-9407
Judy Weeden Pottery Studio 250-537-5403
Jonathan Yardley - The Barn Studio 250-653-4931

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Salt Spring Music Guild
  Promotes local musicians on Salt Spring Island.
Music and Munch Upcoming performances at Music and Munch
  Free musical performances at All Saints Church by the Sea at 110 Park Drive in Ganges on Wednesdays at 1210 pm with a light   lunch provided by the Anglican Caterers following for $5.50.    
Michael Powell - Classical Pianist Visit his web site,
   or purchase his CD at or
Randy Bachman (The Guess Who, BTO and swimmer!)
Allison Crowe

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Internet-BC Web Site Hosting from $9.95 CAD No setup fees!
Sky Valley Web Design - done right on Salt Spring Island 250-537-6741
Bibby Communications
Imagine That Graphics Design 250-537-1877
Magic Cottage Creations
Salt Spring Web Design 250-537-7086  
Telus: ADSL has finally arrived on Salt Spring Island, but whether or not is available in your area depends on how far you are from their CO or central office. You can also get ADSL from Salt Spring Internet. ADSL Email Telus at to let them know that you want ADSL or call 310-4638
Shaw Communications Inc. 888-472-2222 Internet Service Provider
Gulf Islands Wireless Network Ltd.
  Mayne Island, BC
Radio Internet Access Serving the Southern Gulf Islands - soon!
Salt Spring Photo 250-538-0052 Photos for sale in digital or print format

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Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 250-537-2035 Beside the fire hall in Ganges
Bank of Montreal 250-537-5524 Beside the CIBC
Island Savings Credit Union 250-537-5587 McPhillips Avenue in Ganges
Wolverton Securities Ltd. 250-537-5510 125 McPhillips Avenue, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2T6


BC Hydro Emergencies Only

Non Emergences
Engineering and New Construction
888-POWER-ON (888-769-3766)
or *49376 on your cell phone
Power Outage Map
Recycling 250-537-1200 349 Rainbow Road
Also at the recycling depot: recycled books  – Salt Spring Island's second library! Tuesday to Saturday — 10 am to 5 pm
Highways - JJM Maintenance Corp. 250-537-5722
Telus Mobility (cell phone) dealer… see below
Fernwood Waterworks District (CRD) 250-537-4314 Emergency Repair

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Everlasting Summer 250-653-9418
Foxglove Farm & Garden Supply 250-537-5531
Thrifty Foods Flowers & More 250-537-1522


Grocery Stores
Country Grocer 250-537-4144 or 537-4343 374 Lower Ganges Road - Upper Ganges
Thrifty Foods - Ganges 250-537-1522 114 Purvis Lane - behind Mouat's
Harbour Food Market 250-537-2460 Bottom of Ganges Hill
Patterson Market - Fulford Harbour 250-653-4321
Salt Spring Dairy Service 250-537-9623 Home delivery of Avalon dairy products
Vesuvius Store 250-537-1515 Near the ferry terminal


Barb's Buns 250-537-4491 1 - 121 McPhillips Ave., Ganges
Embe Bakery 250-537-5611 Bottom of Ganges Hill
The Bread Lady 250-653-4809 Fulford Harbour
Thrifty Foods Bakery 250-537-1522 Purvis Road, behind Mouat's

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Schools & Public Library
The Little Red School House Pre-School 250-653-4343 1365 Beaver Point Road
The Salt Spring Centre School 250-537-9130 355 Blackburn Road
Salt Spring Island Pre-School
School District 64 (Gulf Islands)
Administration - School Board Office 250-537-5548
Fernwood Elementary School 250-537-9332 K— 5
Fulford Elementary School 250-653-9223 K— 5
Phoenix Elementary School 250-537-1156
Salt Spring Elementary School 250-537-9928 K— 5
Salt Spring Island Middle School 250-537-1159 6 — 8
Gulf Islands Secondary School 250-537-1710 9 — 12
Mary Hawkins Memorial Library (Public Library) 250-537-4666 129 McPhillips Ave. Ganges BC

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Gas Stations & Towing
Salt Spring Payless 250-537-4851 135 Rainbow Road, Ganges, Ganges BC
Save On Gas - open 7 days a week 250-537-5671 111-149 Fulford Ganges Rd., Ganges BC
     7 am - 7 pm Mon-Sat and 8 am - 4 pm Sunday     gas, propane and convenience store
A. Rainbow Towing 250-537-4869
Blue Angel Towing & Recovery 250-537-9799


Apple Luscious Organic Orchard 110 Heidi Place Over 200 apple varieties, specializing in heritage, connoisseur and red-fleshed varieties, all organically grown with natural fertilizers such as seaweed, manures, oyster shell and hay mulch, plus a wild orchard.
The Art House Studio 250-537-1833 The Art House Studio is producing the reflective driveway signs on Salt Spring Island for the CRD. Also graphic design, visual fine art and commercial signs.
Big Bear Service Rental Toilets 250-653-9500  
Blue Velvet Upholstering
Merchant Mews
 #6-315 Upper Ganges. Rd.
250-537-4369 Custom upholstery and slipcovers, as well as drapery, pillows and headboards. We carry all materials required for every job, and a range of designer fabrics ordinarily found only in urban centers. Complete restorations, as well as minor repairs and refurbishing of existing furniture. Serving Salt Spring Island clients since 1992.
C Me Communications 250-538-1107
778-888-9974 cell - Communications Consultancy
Publicity campaigns, professional media training, and expert message development.
D A Smithson & Sons Ltd. 866-478-6937 Water well drilling - serving residential & commercial customers on the Gulf Islands for over 30 years.
Fraser's Thimble Farms 250-537-5788 Nursery & Greenhouses - the rare plant specialist!
175 Arbutus Rd., Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 1A3
Home Power Systems 604-465-0927 Solar, wind & small hydro installations.
Imagine That Graphics Design 250-537-1860
Island Bookkeeping & Business Services 250-537-7086  
Island Office Services Ltd. 250-931-4675 We offer bookkeeping, payroll, income tax, and system selection and implementation services.
Foxglove Farm & Garden Supplies 250-537-5531 Dedicated to serving and supporting farmers and gardeners
104 Atkins Road  
Energy Options Ltd.
111 Rainbow Road
250-537-8371 Alternate energy systems... solar, wind, micro-hydro and batteries.
Also Telus Mobility dealer.
Everlasting Summer 250-653-9418 Flower, Herb and Rose Garden. Gardens are also available for weddings, photography, parties and other events.
Greenspring Farm Boarding Kennels
Clean heated facilities for cats and dogs
250-537-2647 By appointment only. All pets must have annual vaccinations. Renovated 1999.
Gulf Islands Septic Ltd. 250-653-4013  
Home Makin' Mamas Cleaning Services 250-538-0201 Specializing in quality controlled management of whole household cleaning using environmentally friendly cleaning products and tools. All staff fully trained and insured.
Isles West Water Services 250-653-4513 Health department approved potable bulk water and tank sales. Bulk water delivery. Water storage tanks and water system design.
J. T. Hotshotting Ltd. 604-218-0464 Delivery & pickup service of midsize farm & construction equipment & supplies. Also Boat & RV Hauling. Available 24/7/365.
Kanakas Total Gardens 250-507-3003 Winter care for trees and shrubs, garden design or maintenance (no gas powered machines, and no sprays or chemicals for weed control) and snow removal.
Lap Shopper 250-537-5304
A shopping basket that attaches to a wheelchair. Invented by Gerry Price. Adaptive devices for wheelchair users. Designed and used by wheelchair users
Mistaken Identity Vineyards
164 Norton Road
Salt Spring Island B.C. V8K 2P5
250-538-9463 This new Estate Winery just outside of Ganges will have its first commercial harvest in the Fall of 2008, with the Tasting Room (within walking distance of Ganges) opening in late Spring 2009 at which time wines will be for sale.
Mouat's Trading Co. since 1907 250-537-5551 Hardware, clothing & housewares - in "downtown" Ganges.
purely saltspring 250-538-8427 body lotion, body wash, shampoo, hair conditioner & soap
Rental Stop Ltd. - tool rentals 250-538-0388 power tools, cleaning equipment, pumps, generators etc.
Salt Spring Courier Ltd. 250-537-4000 125 McPhillips Avenue, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2T6
Salt Spring Island Bandana Co. 250-537-1187 Kooler Bandana contain non-toxic, organic crystals that retain water and slowly releases it into the air as a cold wet towel would but it holds much more water than a towel. Evaporative cooling lowers your temperature by several degrees.
Salt Spring Metal Recycling 250-538-8335 440 Rainbow Road
Sacred Mountain Lavender 250-653-2315 Visit our shop or view the lavender fields in bloom!
401 Musgrave Road, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 1V5
Salt Spring Computer Service 250-653-9216 Mobile computer technician works on your PC at your home or office... professional, experienced, certified.
Salt Spring Photo 250-538-0052 Photos for sale in digital or print format
Salt Spring Coffee Co.
109 McPhillips Ave. in Ganges
250-537-0825 or
Organic, shade tree grown coffee. This helps preserve the indigenous species and supports conservation of wildlife habitat and the continuous growth of the rainforest. This provides a healthier product and better returns for the farmers and their families. Some of the best coffee you have ever tasted!
Salt Spring CNC
Signs in Metal and Wood
250-653-4758 CNC Wood Carving, Laser Engraving and Cutting, WaterJet Cutting (Wood, metal, glass, stone)
Salt Spring Soapworks - Ganges
#1 - 150 Fulford Ganges Road
Salt Spring Island, BC
V8K 2T8
250-537-2701 Family Made, Natural Body care since 1979. Handmade with Nature's finest oils and botanicals, and aromatherapy oils to relax and refresh.
Salt Spring Weddings 866-576-3667 Capture your wedding on video, film or by digital camera.
Salt Spring Woodworks
125 Churchill Road
Salt Spring Island, BC
V8K 2R3
250-537-9606 A gallery of woodwork representing about 30 woodworkers from Salt Spring Island, Vancouver Island, the outer islands and the mainland. Our collection ranges from fine furniture and art to country furniture and house wares and rustic furniture for house and garden.
Spa by Lenice in Grace Point Square 250-537-8807 Pamper yourself at our day spa and healing arts centre!

Sports Traders

135 McPhillips Avenue
Salt Spring Island, BC
V8K 2T6
250-537-5148 GOING OUT OF BUSINESS. 40% Off Everything in store! New & used sports equipment. Team uniforms and crests.
Warren Langley Signs 250-537-9407 If you have been on Salt Spring Island, you have
seen these beautiful signs carved by Warren!

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Contracting & Construction
Bruce Gamble & Sons Construction Ltd. 250-537-8560
A family owned and operated business.
ConstructoGroup – Your Builders for Life
Central Hall, 2-901 North End Road
PO Box 738, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2W3
You dream it - we'll design and build It!
Dashwood Construction Ltd. 250-537-5210 Dashwood Construction has been building, renovating and adding to houses on Salt Spring Island since 1978.
Linwood Custom Homes 250-931-8881 The complete building solution for your cabin or home.
Mike Robertson Construction 250-537-7261
insurance claims, new construction, emergency repairs, and renos
SIREWALL Inc. 250-537-9355 Structural Insulated Rammed Earth - builders of award-winning rammed earth homes.


Book Stores
Salt Spring Books 250-537-2812 Local authors, best sellers, nautical charts & more... eat, sleep and read. Life is simple! 104 McPhillips Ave. in Ganges
Volume II Bookstore 250-537-9223 Dockside at Mouat's Mall in Ganges. Best sellers and old favourites
as well as marine charts and government maps.
Watermark Books 250-537-9212 113 McPhillips Ave. in Ganges - books for the discerning reader!
Black Sheep Books 250-538-0025 Grace Point Square in Ganges. Contemporary & Antiquarian!


Specialty Stores
Country Kids Design - handmade natural fibres clothing for kids 250-653-9280 480 Reynolds Road
Dancing Bears Hemp Co. - designed, dyed & handmade in our store 250-653-4966 127 Orchard Road, Fulford Harbour
DCP Designs - hats, totes, coats & more... 250-653-9549
Phlying Phish Eco Store - hemp and organic cotton clothing 250-653-4345 On the wharf at Fulford Harbour
Persnickety - Clothing for Kids 250-931-0091 2103 - 115 Fulford-Ganges Rd. in Ganges


Tourist Activities
Blackburn Meadows Golf Course   Unfortunately, not open for 2012.
Andale Kayaking 250-537-0700 We make kayaking safe and fun! Rentals and sales of singles, doubles, inflatables and kids' kayaks. Also canoes, windsurfers, tours and lessons.
Gulf Escape Vacations 866-537-2879 (US only) or    
Self-drive tours of the Canadian Gulf Islands.
  • Departures from...
    • Portland, Oregon
    • Seattle, Washington
    • Vancouver, BC
Historical Society   Downstairs in the Mary Hawkins Library in Ganges - 129 McPhillips Ave.
Island Escapades 250-537-2537
Sailing and hiking excursions throughout the Southern Gulf Islands as well as kayak tours.
Island Gourmet Safaris 250-537-4118 Salt Spring Island: its food, food history and Art. A great introduction tour to the island. Island Gourmet Safaris focuses on food, art and studios on the island. As an historic farming community, the farms and food producers are phenomenal. These are the elements that make up the basis of a gourmet Safari.
Island Carriage Tours 250-537-5804 Carriage tours in Ganges are very popular, as well as being available for special events.
Island Trail Rides 250-537-5804 Trail rides on scenic Mt. Maxwell
Salt Spring Adventure Co. 250-537-2764
Located at Salt Spring Marina, the Salt Spring Adventure Co. offers kayak tours, sightseeing tours by kayak, and mountain bike rentals.
Salt Spring Island Golf & Country Club 250-537-2121 Lower Ganges Road - about 5 minutes north of Ganges just before Central on the way to Vesuvius. All facilities including pro shop, rentals, lessons.
Map of Salt Spring Island
Sacred Mountain Lavender 250-653-2315 Visit our shop or view the lavender fields in bloom!
401 Musgrave Road, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 1V5
Salt Spring Kayaking 250-653-4222 Guided  tours, sales, and rentals on the wharf at Fulford Harbour. Also bike rentals.
Sea Otter Kayaking 877-537-5678
Lessons, tours, rentals & multi-day trips.
Ganges Harbour at the foot of Rainbow Rd.
Salt Spring Island Online   Upcoming events on Salt Spring Island...
Vancouver Launch Services 604-250-6666 Bird watching, kayak transportation, and eco-touring. Our Transport Canada certified 12 passenger, 36 foot high speed catamaran commercial water taxi and is operated by qualified crewpersons. Onboard storage racks for up to 12 sea kayaks. Shallow draft and beachable. Davit equipped.
Salt Spring Tennis Association The Salt Spring Tennis Association (SSTA) was established to promote tennis on Salt Spring Island and provide opportunities for tennis players to meet for healthy competition and social events. The Association is a member of Tennis BC and operates a junior program during the summer. Tennis is played year round on Salt Spring Island – weather permitting - on courts supplied by the Salt Spring Island Parks and Recreation Commission.

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Real Estate

Alphonse Quenneville
Whether buying or selling, or just to discuss the real estate market in general, ensure your success, and call Alphonse Quenneville first if you are looking for a home in North Vancouver, West Vancouver or anywhere along the Sea to Sky corridor or on Salt Spring Island.
Toll Free,
or email...
Fiona Walls (Pemberton Holmes)
164 Fulford-Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2T8
Toll Free 888-608-5553 or...
Island Quest Realty Ltd.
#204 - 104 Lower Ganges Rd. - 'Above the Pharmasave'
Salt Spring Island, BC  V8K 2S7
Toll Free 800-537-1201
Pemberton Holmes Salt Spring Island
164 Fulford-Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island, BC  V8K 2T8
Toll Free 888-608-5553 or...
RE/MAX Realty of Salt Spring
131 Lower Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island, BC  V8K 2T2
Salt Spring Home Finder - let Sandra Smith help find your new home! 250-537-5515
Salt Spring Island Real Estate 250-537-7547 (Cell)
Salt Spring Realty - Royal LePage (Grace Point)
1101-115 Fulford-Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island, BC
888-537-5515 or
Sutton Westcan Realty - Scott Simmons (buyers agent - call for address) Tel  250-479-3333
Fax 250-479-3565
Cell 250-538-8316


Fitness Centre & Yoga
Ayurveda Rejuvenation   250-538-6221 Ayurveda Rejuvenation is a wellness retreat offering a variety of wellness therapies from the tradition of ancient India.
North End Fitness
102 McPhillips Avenue, Ganges, BC


Above the Moka Coffee House
Forest Hill Yoga Studio   250-538-0196 Weekly yoga classes and workshops - also B&B accomodation.
Salt Spring Island Massage   250-931-1122 Salt Spring Island spa practitioner offering hot stone and Swedish Massage, aromatherapy, facials, wraps, scrubs and pedicures for relaxation, renewal and rejuvenation.


--> -->
Property Management
Island Explorer Property Management Ltd. 250-537-4722  

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Arigado Sushi & Teriyaki 250-538-1881 #102-149 Fulford-Ganges Rd. in Gasoline Alley
Auntie Pesto's Cafe & Deli 250-537-4181 Breakfast lunch and dinner - located in Grace Point Square in Ganges
Barb's Buns 250-537-4491 Vegetarian lunches, pizza, soup - 121 McPhillips Ave., Ganges.
Bocados Bistro 250-538-1622 Located in the heart of Ganges in Grace Point Square on Salt Spring Island,
Bocados offers a casual fine dining experience unique to the area.
Calvin's Bistro 250-538-5551 Outdoor patio overlooking Ganges Harbour - 133 Lower Ganges Road
Dagwood's Diner 250-537-9323 Upper Ganges Centre
Golden Island Chinese Restaurant 250-537-2535 Upper Ganges Centre
Harbour House Bistro 250-537-4700 Harbour House Hotel - Ganges
Hastings House 250-537-2362 Located in Ganges, Salt Spring lamb is a specialty.
House Piccolo 250-537-1844 European cuisine - Ganges
The Market Place Café 250-537-9911 Featuring a great menu described as French/Latin fusion, the Market Place Café is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday with a Sunday Brunch. 103-149 Fulford-Ganges Rd. in Gasoline Alley
Moby's Pub 250-537-5559 Ganges by Harbour's End Marina
The Oyster Catcher 250-537-5041 Mouat's Landing - Ganges
Pinnacle 2 for 1 Pizza 250-537-5552 Beside the Country Grocer (previously known as Ganges Village Market)
Pomodoro Pizza & More 250-537-5660 Ganges, across from Centennial Park.
Salt Spring Inn Restaurant 250-537-9339 Enjoy gourmet breakfast, lunch or dinner in our beautiful new family restaurant or take in the view of the harbour and village activity over a cocktail or meal on our new deck. We are located right in Ganges at 132 Lower Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island, BC, V8K 2S9
Seaside Restaurant 250-537-2249 Eat in or take out - Vesuvius
Tree-House Cafe 250-537-5379 Beside Mouat's in the Heritage Cottage
Uptown Pizza & Cafe 250-537-5552 Beside Country Grocer, uptown. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and home delivery.

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Ashlie's Pantry 250-653-4988 Catering and cooking classes, specializing in cakes, desserts and high quality west coast cuisine.
"To cook is to create and to create well is an act of integrity and faith."
De Vine Catering 250-537-4376 Rhonda
Harbour House Catering Service 250-537-4700
Kate's Catering 250-537-2238 Kate
Salt Spring Catering by Kelly 250-537-0054 Catering by Kelly and Lunch & Dinner Cruises
Gourmet meals that takes you on a culinary adventure around the globe!
The Oystercatcher Seafood Bar & Grill  250-537-5041  
Quarrystone Catering 250-537-5980 Email Kelly at

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